Los Santos Police Department
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Member List (OOC information) Empty Member List (OOC information)

Post by Roy_McArthur Sat Feb 25, 2012 4:22 pm

Richard_Sterling(DCI) LS99

Sandy_Satria (SWAT) LS07
Arya_Natsu (SWAT)LS25

Michael_Winters (SWAT) LS22
Adi_Fernanda (IA)

James_Sherman (SWAT) LS90
Armanno_Saviero (DCI) LS55
Franz Wilkof LS06
Geyrald_Vanderpool LS04

Lead Officer
Freddy_Lincoln LS08
Simone_Queriumonte LS03
Timmy_Siegel LS59

Quart_Zeref LS29
William_Mccain LS39
Leon_Scott LS16
Walter_Seven LS71

Alba_Addison LS49

InActive Officer
Jordan William LS03 - FIRED
Forting Bras LS04 - FIRED
Vielefortune_Pezuela - FIRED
Shane Filan LS13 - Resign
Dody Afa LS06 - Resign
Jack_Tom -FIRED
Edward Moses - Badge Number LS02 - Resign
Gabriel Chase - Badge Number LS03 - Resign
Edwin Holmes LS08 - FIRED
Shintia Hellsing LS10 - FIRED
Radoslav_Vladistok LS11 FIRED
Silviano_Maximo LS19 FIRED
Jonathan Reynaldo LS09 FIRED
Veal Mathew (DCI) LS12 RESIGN
Tommy_Jayden (FTO) LS18 RESIGN
Jim Hestone LS13 FIRED
Jovan_Vico LS16 FIRED
Sean_Connor LS20 FIRED
Steven Webster LS04 FIRED
Eva Ivanov LS10 FIRED
Brian Lynn LS02 FIRED
Justin Mcleon LS06 FIRED
Cadet Selvi Olivian LS23 FIRED
Salvador Zamora LS14 RESIGN
Edward Russel (DCI) LS03 FIRED
Calvino_Alvilez LS70 FIRED
Ryuzaki_Hideki LS08 FIRED
Trevor_Spacey LS03 FIRED
Cameron_Lidell LS17 FIRED
Kohwa_Lie LS01 FIRED
Lavida_Mendez LS02 FIRED
Timmy_Siegel LS59 FIRED
Angelina_Stancey LS60 FIRED
Deshawn_Banks LS05 RESIGN

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